its true its true.

last Thursday at boogie, here in Jerusalem, a dippy, hippy, world music, dance with your inner chakra kind of place, 4 women one after the other came up to yours truly. I didn’t even have time to wipe the shvitz off my face. and they were pretty too. and they weren’t coming over just to be goody goodies and dance with the cripple, they really seemed to be getting into dancing with me. they even stuck out their hands and made contact with mine. one woman even danced with me for a few songs and after we even cooled off with a cup of water together. it felt like moshiach had come and haNdicappedness no longer mattered to people. in fact my c.p.ness seemed like a bonus, like is was sexy. like having muscly arms or a being a lawyer who hasn’t started balding.

it’s all because boogie is set up to be a completely open, free space where everyone is welcomed and everyone can dance exactly as they want. they even had a mechitza (a separate area for girls to dance if they didn’t want to dance in front of men). people bring their kids and their dogs so the environment feels completely unthreatening and Hamish. people coming there are equally as Hamish and accepting. I couldn’t help but think about the ice cold shules, work places and public restrooms where I felt not only unwelcome but scorned. when I came in, the people at the door, not only helped me round to the wheelchair entrance, but they were also actually excited that I would get the chance to dance.

beside all the girl attention, I got these warm gushy feeling when I think about the night. I can’t wait to go back, I just got to learn some more moves. I just did the same stupid things over and over again, either shaking back and forth or up and down, kind of like someone like with a severe case of autism. it made me feel like I was a shitty dance partner. I want to be an interesting partner and there’s lots of shit I can do in my wheelchair. I’m going to ask sara my great assistant to practice with me. she came with me and I think because people know her at boogie that gave me a kosher stamp, anyway I felt kosher because I was with her.

dancing there, looking round at all the types of people I felt like the moshiach had all ready come.