One Sunday, if the kids are bored and your wife
Thinks you are washed up
If you want to come observe my species
You’ll have to take a drive to the handicapped zoo
And freak of nature reserve
There you can find me in the rare north-americans
Spastic right near the aquatic Mongoloid retards
I’ll probably be sleeping or drooling sitting there
Dressed in my native 65 poly 35 cotton sweat suit skin
Point out to your kids that my crooked perma-smile
Doesn’t represent happiness but rather just
Another symptom of neural firings gone bad
Explain to them that my breed thrives
In captivity and cannot easily exists among the upright ambulatory
Who consider themselves a more evolved breed
Then ever so carefully instruct junior to stick his hand
Through the bars of the cage and not to be afraid
We crave the human touch