Every day (not really) I’m going to blog about how much I gained or lost in the stock market, why, and how it’s all connected to the impending financial disaster. Sounds juicy, huh? I’m even going to give you the exact balance of my account and the daily gain/loss for that day. It will be kind of like a financial porn selfie. Who else would be psychotic enough to do that?

I’m doing this for a few reasons. One is that I’m completely obsessed with the market and I might as well share my obsession. Also, I think it’s fun to watch a gambler self-destruct in slow motion. The third reason is that I want to help you. I really do think that the financial world is going to implode soon, and I do believe that the stock market is going to hell. Gold and silver will be one of the only refuges.

A note to Hadara, my baby’s mommy: don’t worry, I have Me’odi’s money in another account, safe.

Daily comment: yesterday, the market was up around 100 points. The S&P actually closed at an all-time, new high. But other averages are at least 10 or 15% off their all-time highs. My working theory is that the markets are being driven to new highs only because of the ridiculously low interest rates being caused by the furious money printing of the federal reserve and all the other central banks in the world. But like any narcotic, its effects are getting weaker and weaker the more its abused. This is also why I like gold so much. Gold, as opposed to money, is in limited supply.

Okay, so let me get naked now. I’m going to do a portfolio strip tease, stock by stock. Here’s a little explanation of my portfolio page below. On the left is a list of all of the stocks or ETFs that I own. After that, it’s pretty self-explanatory. To get a bottom line picture, look at the bottom line daily and overall totals. The last two stocks, TVIX and UVXY, are ETFs that track market volatility. The more volatile the market, the higher these ETFs go.


WARNING: The author of this blog is a compulsive gambler, and has already lost over a million dollars in the stock market over the last 30 years. Please keep this in mind when making any investment decisions. In other words, you’ve gotta be fucking out of your mind to listen to anything I’m saying.