Peace in the Middle East

Every morning
I greet Boogie
The Arab cook in my café
“Good morning Arab
Your sister’s a cunt”
He answers
“Good morning Jew
Your mother’s a whore”
After this I know
Everything is right in the world
I order shakshuka
The handle of the pan
Burns like hell


Because I’m not being stuck
On a train heading to Treblinka
Because I’m not being stuffed
Into the oven at Birkenau
I can go to the shuk
And buy five thick-skinned oranges
And the guy with the kippa
Can screw me out of 12 shekels
Who says moshiach isn’t here

Bracing for the Showers

I always feel like it’s late August 1939
Germany is about to gobble up Poland
Einstein has an atom bomb in his head
My arm two years away from getting numbered
In preparation, I prepare my shower kit
Scream, Shema Yisrael

To the German Girl Two Tables Away

Sure it’s been
78 years since Hitler
And your grandfather only licked
Stamps for Goebbels
And you yourself work for free
To save cockroaches in the Galapagos
But certainly you still owe
This cripple Jew
A little suck of relief

I’m a Jew I can’t help it

I like kishke corned beef kneidalach
I’m a Jew
I can’t help it
Someone took a piece of my dick
I’m a Jew
I can’t help it
I think every IRT train is an express to Auschwitz
I’m a Jew
I can’t help it
I want to crucify that goy Jesus again
I’m a Jew
I can’t help it
You have to come to Jew-land to kill me
I’m a Jew
I can’t help it
I thank God everyday that I’m not a goy
I’m a Jew
I can’t help it