Extra Lean

Dear western world
If you are so lucky
To be sitting in front
Of a four inch high
Corned beef sandwich
(extra lean)
With a can of Dr. Brown’s Cel-Ray
Please don’t complain
That they gave you half sour
Instead of full sour

My Father Curses at Inanimate Objects William Eidelsberg 1924-2004

My father curses at inanimate objects
A stuck fly is a cocksucker
The tight top of a gefilte fish jar
Is a god-damned mother-fucker
If he drops a pen he yells
You piece of stupid shit
And even if my mother or me will drop
A bag of peppers he yells
You fucking bastards
I’m not sure exactly
If my father is
Really cursing at
The peppers or his fly,
My mother? Me Himself?
Or maybe he’s yelling at the entire
God-damn, mother-fucking, cock-sucking world

Das Kapital

Everyone told me
never touch my
capital like it
was my mother’s pussy
but I touched it
and touched it
all is gone now
just trace smell
on fingers yummy

Wednesday, the Zero of August   

I hurried for a bus
That was scheduled
Not to arrive at 1:45
Just to make sure
That it absolutely did not arrive
And I am pleased to report
That in fact the 1:45 bus did not arrive
Exactly as the bus dispatcher
Informed me
So happily I went home
Just to make sure that
My beautiful non-wife and
Two adorable non-kids
Were waiting for me
Being satisfied with all my nothing
I went straight to bed
Making sure blessed nothing
Would continue to happen

See it here.

Caught in Traffic

Even this small corner
Is too much for me
Everyone wants something different
This car wants to go straight
This car wants to make a left
This person wants to get out of the city
This person wants to get into the city
And then there’s wheelchaired me
Wanting to get to the other side
Expecting everyone to stop
Eventhough I’m not going
But it all works
I’m standing here ten minutes
And no one’s gotten killed
But sometimes, at night
I hear a thud
It’s all too much

Night Sweats

I don’t even understand the questions
I leave everything blank
Everyone is writing
Why don’t I know anything
What the hell have I done
Teacher says time