Death Poems

Planning My Mom’s Escape

I want to unchain my mom
Yank-out her feeding tube
Slip out her i.v.
Cut her catheter
Untie her tied-down hand
Then untethered
Watch her float
Up and away

A Giant Has Fallen

al goldstein who valiantly
disgusted everyone
for the greater good
has left us
for that seedy massage parlor
up on 46th and 8th
top floor

How I want to go

I want to be looking
at a beautiful ass
in blacks tights
I see each half
divided perfect
then a bus hits me
I have that ass
my picture

His Last Job

I last saw
My friend Paul
The hit man
On Broadway
Wavering drunk
Open shirted
Cursing low
To himself
Working on his latest job
Killing a no good punk

Barbara’s Double Scoop

First poor Barbara
Lost her Sid
To cancer
In spring
Now in July
Poor Barbara’s double nut
Is dripping faster
Then she can lick
I watch
As poor Barbara loses
Another love
To time