Sex Poems

Gandhi Bought A Dildo Here

In the window of the sex shop
I saw a sign
It said “make love not war”
This made a lot of sense to me
So I went in and bought a copy
Of Real Female Masturbation #22
Got home and made love
All over myself
Kept my B-52 in the garage
Unloaded its two nuclear warheads
Sparing Tehran and east 45th street

A Thank You Note

I loved
Your hand
On Thursday night
In the bath
On my face
Across my back
Through my hair
Between my toes
Up my thigh
I loved
Your hand

The Before Part

It’s the before

Before the fucking

The sucking

Even before you kick

Off shoes

It’s the look before

That’s when

It’ s best

Pussy-Colored Glasses

When a girl
Smiles at me
I think it means
She would like
My dick inside
Boy, I’m so wrong
The smile turns out
To be nerves
She sees my spastic leer


There are these gorgeous strawberries
Everywhere I go
In buses, shopping malls, overhanging
The mens’ section in shul
They all look impossibly good even
The bruised ones and I am dying
To eat one and have been
Since I was 14 when I began realizing
Just how beautiful strawberries are
But the problem is you can’t
Just go over to one
Pick it up
And begin to start biting it
You must first start talking to it
Get to know it
Buying it a steak dinner
Then maybe you can begin touching it
But maybe not even then
Because not only do you have to want
To eat the strawberry
But let’s not forget
That the chosen strawberry
Also has to want you to
Eat  it
And if you never find one
That wants you as much
As  you want it
You could die without having
Ever tasted one
A really beautiful strawberry
Feet away in a plate
You reach out
You die

Homeopathic Treatment

I like thinking
I’m not that disgusting
For confirmation
I call suzy the whore
She sucks my tongue
It lasts one hour


I’m pleasuring myself

Emergency Surgery

I want to get
A pair of 38 D’s
So I can finally be
An owner of things
Other people want
To get their hands on