Sex Poems

My Reflection

I see penises everywhere
In shadows
Marble floors
Even in doughnut shops
But I can barely see mine

Hand Tourette’s

A person told me
I have no boundaries
I said, “Really?
Can I touch your nipple?”


A vagina
And 2 breasts
Makes things

Home Run

Have a special hole
That’s made for a penis
You have to buy flowers
And string together the right
Sequence of consonants and vowels
To put yours inside

Cum and Piss

cum and piss
shoots out
the same hole
on who’s face
are all delicate deliberations
that fill our life


I like thinking
I’m not that disgusting
For confirmation
I call suzy the whore
She sucks my tongue
Says my balls are yummy
It lasts one hour

Nobel Whore

One year
Why don’t they give a Nobel peace prize
To some saintly whore
Who silently and sweetly sucks
And fucks hundreds of men
Year after year and puts her whole
Self into every blow job
Who makes every john
Forget that they are a fat and ugly
John and for a second think that
A young attractive woman actually
Wants them
Then our heroine can take the million
Open up a bookstore for mystical texts