Shit Poems

A Perfect Faith

Everything is from heaven
Even the shit
From birds
That land
Smack on your head

Suit and Tie

We make awful
Disgusting shit
Then we act like we
Had absolutely nothing
To do
With its

Towards Nirvana

After I exorcise
A spiritually problematic booger
I search my clotted nose
To see what other
Spiritual blockages may
Require a deep exhalation

Med lab

I present my shit to the nurse
She said, uch
we don’t want your shit

Too attached

I love
My boogers
So much
I cry
At their downfalls

Stepping in Shit

Dog did diarrhea
In the shuk
Hundreds of people stepped in it
After 45 minutes
It’s gone
No stink
Just faint human
Oblivious footprints
Painted with sick
Dog shit remain

My Work

My one solid
Single daily accomplishment
Is ill-formed pieces
I can’t look at

Brother’s Keeper

When someone near me farts
I feel implicated by the stink
A certain sense of communal guilt
I should have spotted his grimaces
Sensed his overpowering impending flatulence
And done my damn utmost
To supply him with enough intestinal fortitude
To fight against his fart
To take him by the hand and say
Listen Roland, I see your struggle
You are not alone now together
We can overcome this impending catastrophe
But I didn’t I chewed blankly
On my flaky chocolate filled croissant
I farted too now
Our world stinks more